The 3 Best Gaming Desktop Brands

If you need a new desktop computer for the next-gen games to come, you’ll need to take a look at what the market has to offer in terms of price and, of course, brand name. The general idea is not to jump straight in and buy the first desktop you find.

It is a good idea to take your time and see what each brand has to offer in terms of installed hardware. Most brands will simply scam others, even in logo designs and so on. Here are some brands to watch out for as they are known to produce quality builds:


In addition to creating good laptops, Acer also has a line of gaming desktops, most of which are called “Predator” or G-series. Any Predator G is configured for maximum performance and will generally come in highly affordable models compared to the computing power they provide.

They typically equip an Intel Core i7 processor, up to 16GB of system memory, and a high-end graphics card.


Alienware is a joint brand of Dell and they focus solely on creating high-end gaming desktops. While most people think you pay more for the brand when you buy an Alienware desktop or laptop, they don’t consider the quality of each of their products. Alienware desktops can cost a lot, but they offer durable models and the added benefit of upgradeability.

There are currently two series of Alienware desktop computers, the X51 and the Aurora. The X51 line is focused on compact desktop computers, but don’t let this fool you as they have integrated the latest in graphics and computer processing.

The Aurora series are full-size gaming desktops and they pride themselves on efficient overclocking and liquid cooling solutions. These desktop computers start somewhere in the $ 1,400 range, but are worth every penny, as there is currently no brand that can create a desktop computer that focuses primarily on gaming and high fps during gaming.


iBuyPower is a relatively new brand on the market, but it became widely known for its builds. They can create desktops in a wide range of budget sizes, starting from cheap desktops that are capable of running most modern games in decent image quality settings, to high-end machines that incorporate the latest hardware. computer.

Its latest line is called Revolt, and it features a slim desktop design that almost looks like a gaming console. The entire design was optimized for efficient cooling while allowing for powerful hardware installation.

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