PS3 USB Microphones

If you are looking for a high quality microphone for less than fifty dollars, then the Logitech USB Headset H540 could be the best option. The Logitech has been one of the most popular headphones and is of fairly good quality for the price. The microphone comes with soft leather ear cushions that provide great comfort with long-term use and also comes with a swivel boom microphone that blocks out background noise while hiding only if you are just listening to music. The headset also comes with a Plug and Play function that allows you to watch movies and listen to music in high-quality surround sound. The sound in the headphones can be adjusted by precisely tuned audio equalization, which is nice for different styles of games and music. The laser-tuned drivers inside the headphones deliver high-performance sound and are generally a high-quality USB microphone.

Although the Logitech H540 is an excellent gaming headset, there is also the Logitech for Rockband and Guitar Hero. This microphone is very different in style from the H540, but is great for karaoke fun and is an ideal microphone for singers with a fifteen foot cord that allows plenty of room for dancing while singing. This particular microphone has a very good reputation for its reliability and sound reproduction quality. While this microphone is a great karaoke microphone, it doesn’t have headphones included.

PlayStation 3 actually had its own brand of gaming microphones, and the Ear Force P11 stereo gaming stereo headset definitely lives up to the high-end Sony brand. The good thing about the P11 is that it comes with many key features that set it apart from the competition and set it apart from other products on the market. It comes with a twelve foot cord with a 3.5mm input and a built-in mute switch on the side, and the sound EQ is highly specialized with the ability to manually tune the sound settings for specific tastes and games. Almost everyone loves getting more bass, and that’s exactly what the P11 has to offer with 50mm speakers with built-in bass boost. Amplified directional audio really sets the P11 apart from the competition with the ability to hear yourself through headphones while enhancing sound. In general, each microphone has its own unique advantages and these three microphones are great options.

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