Rakoon Red Dragon XXL Gaming Mouse Mat

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Extended size mouse pads eliminate the slide while making the gaming experience more intense! 

Tired of running into your keyboard? Rakoon Red Dragon has your back! Our Mouse Pad is designed to make game play and office work much more comfortable. Large mouse mats allow technology lovers to place both keyboard and mouse in one spot. 

Experience smooth 360 degree turns like never before! No-scope head shots and flick-shots are smooth since the mouse glides freely. Wide surface designed for FPB games like CS and TF2. Tracking is ultra smooth. 

Durable quality extends the life of your mouse's feet, comfortably supports the wrist and is the ideal height. Fits full sized mechanical and non-mechanical keyboards. 

Designed by gamers, great to use for gaming/office work. 
Dimensions: L(800mm)x W(300mm)x H(3mm) 31.4x11.81x0.1(in) 
Color: Black and red
Thickness: 3mm 
Supports full-sized keyboard with more than enough room for mouse. 
Low Friction: Smooth surface for SPEED and CONTROL. 
Anti-slip rubber base. 
Portable with cloth surface. 
Optimized for various mouse sensors and sensitivities.