Ipega 3-in-1 Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad For Smartphones

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  • Multi-Connection: 2.4G Dongle Pairs for SONY PS3, PC and Smart TV and TV Box; Bluetooth Connection for Smartphone, Tabelts, Windows PC, TV Box; Wired USB Port to Connection to Windows PC
  • Turbo & Multimedia: Turbo function accelerates stronger and faster gaming feeling; Multimedia player function under mouse mode " Vol+, Vol-, Play, Pause, Forward, Next"
  • Built-in Li-on Battery for 12 hours playing; L2/R2 buttons have analog function for more accurate operation; Flodable bracket for hold smart device up to 4 to 6 inch
  • Multi-Mode: With 4 LED indicators to show its working mode: Android devices work in HID or Mouse Mode to support vast majority of standard HID games; Apple iOS / iPad / iPhone works in ¡®i-Cade¡¯ and X_Keyboard Mode; Multimedia player buttons are ready
  • Compatibility: Support majorly Android games in HID standard and PC games; Support partial "i-Cade" mode games on iOS devices, or jail-breaking device, Not support all games in iOS system