Modern Misery: Mono White Hatebears

In my search to find a modern deck I have come across this deck. I really like Aether Vial, and I love hate bears. I’m on a kick right now where I really like to attack, if you haven’t noticed. I really like how this deck looks, and I have all the basic cards for it. I need to get some more cards, but so far here is my list:

Lands: 24
18x plains
2x tectonic edge
4x ghost quarter

Creatures: 24
4x Dryad Militant
4x Pyrexian Revocator
4x Referee Leonin
4x Flickerwisp
3x Thalia, Gaurdian de Thraben
3x Kitchen Finks
1x Restoration Angel
1x Aven Mindcensor

Moments and sorcery: 6
4x Road to exile
2x dismember

Other spells: 6
4x vial of ether
1x sword of light and shadow
1x mind and body sword

Sideboard: 15
1x dismember
1x Devout Lightcaster
2x stony silence
1x surgical
3x cutting needle
1x Kor Firewalker
2x trip to nowhere
2x Heavenly Purge
2x Leonin Relic-Warder

I plan to work on this list. This was just cards I already had, and I plan to make some adjustments.

First, I want to add two more Aven Mindcensors, a Kitchen Finks, and two Serra Avengers. Also, I need to add another tectonic edge for a plain. I plan to get two Phyrexian Revoker and two Dismembers for all four creatures. I’ve also seen lists with twenty-two lands on it. If I find out that I was flooded, I plan to take out two Plains for two more creatures like Hero of Bladehold or some other spicy creature, probably a drop of four.

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