Exceptional Gameboy Progress Prototype Pops Up During Auction


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Auctions are treasure troves for some of the coolest products identified from gaming previous and the most up-to-date loot to drop is a nifty blast from the earlier Recreation Boy Advance prototype procedure. 

The Game Boy Progress started its journey into our hearts again in 2001 subsequent the beloved Activity Boy Color. This handheld featured peripherals that ended up forward of its time, funky fresh new (I explained it) coloration decisions, and a snug layout. Although the Progress designed it onto shelves again in 2001, the calendar year prior was rife with thoughts and enjoyment for this launch, which includes a exclusive edition of the Advance proven off throughout the 200 Nintendo Spaceworld celebration. 

This version of the GBA showcases a different shade palette for the procedure alone in addition to differing start out-up seems for when the handheld turns on. 

Nintendo Spaceworld 2000 Prototype Graphic

Whilst the ultimate solution ended up being unique from what we observed in the course of the showcase, the prototypes did exist at one time. Regretably, they seemed to vanish from all truth when the last edition introduced to the environment. At least until one popped up throughout a latest auction. 

A current auction held by Yahoo Japan experienced a myriad of nostaligic gaming memorabilia for followers to test out, between them staying the Spaceworld prototype of the well-liked Activity Boy Advance. Even extra wild is that the buyer ordered this piece of gaming history for $700. That might seem like  whole lot, but for this? This price could have skyrocketed into the hundreds. 

Appparently, we want to be going to additional auctions. 

[Source: Hard4Games via GameRant]

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