Board Games for Families With Kids

Families with children should think carefully before buying board games that would be fun and educational for little ones and teens. Here are some popular board games that hold pride of place in many families with children:

• Scrabble: You can develop your children’s vocabulary and help them play with words with a wide variety of scrabble games available on the market. Depending on the age group, you can choose versions of this board game that are available in different levels of difficulty to suit anyone from kindergarten kids to young adults. For years, this word game has been a favorite with homes around the world, and you too can have fun with your family by buying one.

• Pictionary: If you love playing silly charades, you will surely have fun in a different way playing Pictionary where, instead of representing the answers as in the charades, you will have to do it with drawings on paper. These board games are available in different levels of difficulty, and you usually get a game board pack, pencils and paper, a timer, a deck of cards, a challenge die, a standard die, and rules when you buy a game. This game tests how well a player can imagine and communicate under restricted circumstances.

• Taboo: In this game, the trick is to give carefully written and creative clues to help your team guess the words quickly. However, you should refrain from using the obvious clues, which are strictly taboo. If you end up mentioning them, you will lose points. A taboo usually comes with a series of taboo cards, a tray and card holder, a game-changing die, a bell, an hourglass, and a scoreboard. Four or more players can play this game.

• Carom: This is one of the popular board games that 2, 3 or 4 players can play. Suitable for players ages 6 and up, this social game can allow people to have fun while bagging the wooden pieces with the striker. So, if you want to hone your carom skills and in-game ties, bring home a carom board and the necessary accessories today.

These are some of the most common board games that are prevalent in families with children, although there are many other varieties of games that families can enjoy. All you need to do is go for a little online research to find the ideal game that you can play with your family and have a good time.

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