All You Need To Know About Mahjong Playing Tables

Mahjong is a game that has been around for centuries. It is one of the most popular games in Asia, Japan, Singapore, and even Hong Kong. Mahjong is a great way to expand your mental capacity while improving your memory, strategy, and ability. Buying a set of mahjong tiles has never been easier, but you need to make sure you find the right table if you want to have the best chance of winning your mahjong games.

The folding table and the standard table

There are several different types of mahjong tables currently available. Folding tables, standard tables, mini tables and automatic tables. Folding tables are ideal for those who are short on space in their home or apartment, as it allows you to pack your mahjong set once you’re done. Some mahjong tables even collapse at a ratio of 1:10 of their original size. They can be easily stored in cabinets, stored on shelves or even behind the sofa. They’re also very portable, making them ideal for those who carry their mahjong set with them when they attend tournaments and group games. The standard table is the most commonly found mahjong table. They can be folded once to save space, but provide much more support in terms of stability compared to the folding table.

Mini table and automatic table

The mini table is a third of the size compared to a standard configuration. These are not used for playing, more for decoration and souvenir purposes. Mini mahjong tiles are generally sold with them, to add to their aesthetic appeal. The last table that is widely available is the automatic table. Automatic tables allow you to speed up the process of playing mahjong. This allows you to play more rounds per game, as well as giving you more playing time. The game is preset, which means you can access many functions, such as shuffling tiles, accumulating chips, and rolling dice. This is ideal for those who want a fast game as it can save a lot of time in terms of setup. Whichever table you choose, Mahjong is a great game to play, and you can be sure to spend hours of fun shopping for your own game and table.

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