HBO’s Watchmen: Damon Lindelof Addresses Show’s Controversial Politics

Spend any amount of time on the Watchmen subreddit or read what people say about the program on Twitter, and you will see a common criticism from dissatisfied fans: that Watchmen is too political or defends the “wrong” policy. But in the final episode of the official HBO Watchmen podcast, which was published after the show’s final episode was broadcast, Lindelof says he believes the show’s policy is true to the original comics. More importantly, he says those policies are crucial to what Watchmen is.

“For Watchmen to be culturally relevant in 2019, it has to be a kind of mirror reflection of the time we live in,” says Lindelof. “This kind of really fascinating conversation broke out around the show while we broadcast the first three or four episodes, which was the idea of ​​’This show is too political’ and, parallel to that, ‘How can this show call itself Watchmen? ‘”

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But the showrunner says that Watchmen has always been political; in fact, the word “politician” was on a list of adjectives that he and the other writers used to describe what Watchmen is while they were still figuring out what the program would be. “But my personal policy, and I don’t believe in the fact that I am liberal, I have a very progressive mentality,” he says. “But at the same time, I think the original Watchmen is a kind of anarchist in their blood, and it has to troll the extremes. So you have to troll the extreme liberalism and the extreme progressivism.”

As a spectator, it is easy to see where those things manifested, when looking at elements that are at opposite ends of the spectrum, such as the white supremacist terrorist group, the 7th Cavalry, and overly dramatic activation warnings that are issued before the entry. American Hero Story universe show.

Lindelof says that the idea of ​​repairs plays an important role in this duality. “I think that repairs are a very good idea, whether they are repairs for slavery or repairs for something like the Tulsa massacre, they are a very good idea,” he says. “I also have to accept that, if the repairs are really promulgated, that there would be a virulent setback of a large sector of our society. And I take sides? Well, once again, my side is that I think we have a great white supremacy problem in the United States of America. I’m not here saying, “There are good people on both sides.” That said, I’m just presenting what I think would happen if the repairs were approved. “

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