Pokemon Sword And Shield “Twilight Wings” Anime Short Is Sweet And Wholesome

A lot of Pokémon fiction focuses on children who want to be the best (as nobody ever was), but the world of stadium Pokemon competitions, as shown in Pokemon Sword and Shield, means that there must also be Many fans in the Galar region. A new Pokémon anime short focuses on one of those fans, with a sweet and healthy tone that simply warms your heart.

The short film focuses on John, a boy who has spent years of his life in hospitals. When he learns that President Rose is visiting the medical center, he sees the opportunity to pursue his dream: to watch a match with the champion, Leon, in a real stadium. The short film only lasts about six minutes, so you will have to be alert to know what happens.

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The short is part of a seven-part series called Twilight Wings, focused on residents of the Galar region. That seems to suggest that the series as a whole might not focus only on John, but the stories of other Galar residents might be intertwined with theirs as it progresses. New episodes will be released monthly.

Meanwhile, we recently learned that Pokémon Sword and Shield will receive large-scale expansions with new territories, new characters and many new monsters to collect. The first, the Armor Island, will be launched in June. The second, Crown Tundra, will continue this fall. A free update gives you a small sample of the expansions, and there are more updates configured to

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