Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC Adds A New, Subterranean House

How many houses are in Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Three. It is right there in the name. But a new piece of DLC will add a fourth house, because nothing is certain in this troubled world.

A trailer for the parallel story “Cindered Shadows” features the Ashen Wolves, a group of marginalized students who live secretly in the Abyss, a dark area beneath the monastery. The small group of students is anxious for a teacher and is considered an unofficial fourth house.

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The ashen wolves are composed of Balthus, Hapi, Yuri and Constance. As Balthus explains, “The surface world turned its back on us, and we did the same in return.” The advance seems to show Golden Deer members accompanying Byleth when they discover the Cinderella Wolves, so it seems likely that this parallel story will add the new faction to its existing campaign instead of replacing it.

This is the final piece of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass, which is available for $ 25 / € 25. The other three waves included alternative officer suits for Byleth, more auxiliary battle maps and support items, more missions and the ability to recruit the recurring character of Fire Emblem, Anna. The Cindered Shadows DLC will be available on February 13.

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